Woman Reveals Plans To Sleep With People From All Countries


The modern dating market has been significantly impacted by the rise of online dating apps and social media platforms.

These technologies have expanded the pool of potential romantic partners, allowing individuals to connect with others from around the world. However, this increased accessibility has also led to a more complex and competitive dating landscape. People often face the challenge of sifting through numerous profiles and engaging in superficial interactions, which can make it difficult to form meaningful connections.

Additionally, the prevalence of casual hookups and ghosting behavior has made it harder for individuals to find genuine and long-lasting relationships. Despite these challenges, many people continue to navigate the modern dating market with the hope of finding love and companionship.

One Woman’s Challenge


A woman who goes by the name “Coco Bae” has revealed plans to sleep with people from 195 different countries.


Reportedly, the adult entertainer has already circled around 40 countries and plans to do a whole lot more in the coming years.

“My rules are to count the¬†country¬†on his passport, not where the dude happens to be living at the time of our encounter,” she said of the challenge.


She also revealed that out of the 40 nationalities she has “tested”, Australians seem to be the worst in bed.