Top 5 Hilarious ‘Teen Mom’ Memes


MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ has spawned numerous funny moments throughout the 10 years of the franchise and it’s still a gift that keeps on giving.

These memes are an homage to MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ rich history.

Farrah’s crying face


Farrah Abraham’s crying face has been a subject of memes many times but this one takes the cake. Farrah is seen crying out a river of tears and it’s quite amazing.

Barbara’s infamous saying

Jenelle’s mother Barbara is known for her goofy lines in the series and this is definitely one of them.

Jenelle’s feathers

When Jenelle was absolutely obsessed with Ke$ha, she was preparing to go to her concert but was risking her probation in order to do it.


In turn, this spawned a hilarious moment of Jenelle explaining how she can’t miss the concert.

Leah’s freaky Friday


Leah Messer once did a photoshoot for her graduation and the photo was taken as an inspiration in making memes, this one is absolutely hilarious.


Amber and Matt’s ‘GUILTY AF’


Back when Amber was dating Matt Baier, someone made a meme about the look Amber gave Matt and labeled it as ‘GUILTY AF’.