Top 5 Coolest ‘Teen Mom’ Shirts Stars Ever Wore


MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ cast is very diverse when it comes to fashion choices. Some of them even have their own brands of clothing while the rest pick up on what’s popular in Pop Culture.

Either way, the moms clearly have some great sense of what’s ‘dope’ at the moment.

Chelsea DeBoer


Chelsea and her husband cole have an inside joke about how she is a ‘smokeshow’ to her husband that loves calling her that.

“A ‘smoke show’ is usually someone who is ‘hot’ that you could ‘see the smoke coming off of them.”

Cole truly knows his way with words.

Brittany DeJesus


Briana’s sister Brittany is unusually confident when it comes to everyday situations and she confirmed that by wearing a ‘Playboy’ t-shirt with her on it.


It’s actually quite cool.

Briana DeJesus


Briana isn’t far off from her sister’s ‘sassiness’ as she too can pick a cool T-shirt. She wore a ‘misfits’ shirt in one of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes and it was quite suiting for her.

Catelynn Baltierra


While she was strolling through the Baltierra family farm, Catelynn wore a shirt that had the following signature on it: “F-bomb mom with tattoos”.

Catelynn essentially described her own personality and maybe that’s why she choose it.

Gary Shirley


Gary once wore a ‘dad bod’ shirt and we can honestly say that this shirt was absolutely made for Gary.