The Fans Have An Alternative Version Of How Chelsea and Cole Met


Chelsea & Cole’s relationship has always been closely followed by the ‘Teen Mom’ fans and the media alike. Ever since they got together, they’ve constantly been exposed to the public eye that very carefully screened each one of their moves.

When it comes to telling the world how they met, Chelsea & Cole already did that on television but the fans believe there’s more to it.

How Chelsea and Cole met


According to the couple, they both saw each other at a local gas station and fell in love then & there. There’s a whole special dedicated to elaborating on how Chelsea and Cole met and it’s really interesting to watch.

Apparently, Chelsea knew that Cole was the guy she’s going to marry one day at first sight.

Likewise, Cole also knew that Chelsea is ‘the one’ and they eventually ended up together.


How they actually might’ve met


Let’s face it, nobody does the ‘normal’ dating routine anymore. Everyone is meeting people online and it’s hard to believe that Chelsea and Cole were an exception, especially with Chelsea’s reality TV background.

The more likely version of how they met according to the fans is via the dating app ‘Tinder.


“I definitely have a feeling their gas station story was made up. Not necessarily because Cole sought Chelsea out, but because they met on Tinder – the hookup app,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“Chelsea is all about her image and I could totally see this being the explanation for the gas station story. I’m sure Cole knew who she was, but thought he was just swiping right to get that reality star booty and they talked and something more happened,” the fan explained.

Which version of the story is more prone to reality? We’ll let you decide.