‘Teen Mom’ Star Arrested Over Child Support


“Teen Mom” is a popular reality television series that premiered on MTV.

The show follows the lives of several young mothers as they navigate the challenges of raising their children while still being teenagers themselves.


The series provides viewers with an inside look at the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of these young women as they cope with relationships, school, work, and parenting. “Teen Mom” has been praised for shedding light on the difficulties faced by teenage mothers and for sparking important conversations about teenage pregnancy and parenting. However, it has also faced criticism for its portrayal of teenage motherhood and the glamorization of the struggles these young women face.

It has been both controversial and influential, and it continues to be a topic of discussion in popular culture.

At one point, the cast of the showed joked that they are no longer ‘young’ and are just moms now.

‘Teen Mom’ Star arrested over child support


A ‘Teen Mom’ star was recently arrested for not paying child support to her baby daddy. The ’16 & Pregnant’ star Whitney Purvis was detained for failing to pay nearly $20,000 in back child support payments.


In 2018, Whitney lost custody of her boys, and the rights were transferred to her baby daddy, Weston.

Reportedly, Whitney and her former boyfriend don’t get along, and she even got physical with him several times before.

Fans reacted strongly to the news.

“Another Amber! It looks like she can afford lips and makeup so $20 shouldn’t make her struggle,” one fan commented.


“This one bums me out. She and her boyfriend were so immature, but they both seemed sweet and good hearted,” a fan wrote.