Ryan’s Ex-Wife Slams His GF


Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, both known for appearing on the reality TV show Teen Mom OG, have been through their fair share of ups and downs.

Their relationship has been the subject of media attention due to various challenges they have faced.

Despite the difficulties, the couple has shown resilience and commitment to making their relationship work.

Their journey has been closely followed by fans and viewers of the show, especially now since the couple is divorced.

Mackenzie slams Ryan’s GF


Ryan’s ex-wife recently slammed his new girlfriend Amanda when she posted, “I’m so nosy.. I want to know how you sleep with half your co workers and still lose your job.”


To which Mackenzie replied: “I’m so nosy I wanna know how why your kids are in your bio but not in your custody.”

“If Maci likes Amanda then we like Amanda. Mackenzie sure did have to out up with a lot of bs from Ryan but she CHOSE to stay with him during all that bs. Now she’s just bitter and using his kids against him,” one fan said of the situation.


“I’m sorry but Mac never had a personality she looked miserable every time she was shown on the show, this Amanda girls energy is what Ryan clearly has needed,” another fan commented.