Ryan Edwards Is In Trouble Again


Ryan’s latest incident

Ryan and his wife have reportedly been fighting for a year and now things have taken a dark turn. According to Ryan’s wife Mackenzie, he threatened her on multiple occasions.

“I was just going to see if an officer can be close to my house. He tried to stab me a year ago and I’m just a little nervous,” Mackenzie stated.

Fans reacted strongly to the news.


“Honestly, she should just leave the house sell up and move away or something. Obviously she shouldn’t have to. That’s not what I am saying but the sad reality is no one is helping her. She seems to have to help herself,” one fan commented.

“This guy is dangerous. Why is he not in jail? He’s so full of rage. What he did to that home is terrifying. I would not let my children anywhere near him,” another fan wrote.

“He didn’t have anything to look for it was just another way for him to control her and put fear into her,” someone chimed in.