People Can’t Spot A Snow Leopard This Photo


Snow leopards are fascinating and elusive creatures that inhabit the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia. Known for their striking, thick fur patterned with beautiful rosettes, they are perfectly adapted to their cold and harsh environment.

These solitary and nocturnal cats are highly skilled at navigating steep terrain, making it difficult for humans to spot them in the wild. Snow leopards are masterful hunters, preying on animals such as ibex, argali sheep, and marmots. Their long and powerful hind limbs enable them to leap great distances and their thick tails provide balance as they traverse rocky landscapes.

Despite their strength and agility, snow leopards face numerous threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and retaliatory killings by local herders protecting their livestock.

Spotting the Snow Leopard


People all around the world are having difficulties finding the snow leopard in a photo taken by Wildlife photographer Saurabh Desai.


“These Snow Leopard images are reaching miles and I am glad people are having fun finding the Snow Leopard in this imageā€¦” the photographer wrote on Instagram.


Although humans are pretty good at recognizing patterns, it seems like most struggled to find the snow leopard in the photo above. Hint: It’s located right below the snow’s lower bound.