MTV Accused of Enabling Problematic Cast Members


Not all of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars play by the rules and some of them are singled out thanks to this type of behavior.

Some of the cast members are often criticized due to their irresponsible behavior and that translates to online comments.

MTV’s history of enabling

The fans noticed how MTV might be in part responsible for the behavior of certain cast members and how the company might be enabling this type of behavior.

Particularly, one specific ‘Teen Mom: OG’ cast member comes into mind. Ryan Edwards’ behavior has been criticized by everyone from his family members to outside media, but nothing has quite had an effect needed for a full recovery.

In spite of these issues, MTV has been practically enabling this behavior by paying out cast members huge salaries and letting everything go as if it’s normal.


Filming it all


Not only are MTV paying Ryan to be featured on ‘Teen Mom: OG’, but they are essentially ‘putting him on the spot’ as this type of behavior shouldn’t be featured on a family-friendly show.

“Seeing the post of Ryan through the years really bothered me. He’s clearly addicted,” a concerned fan wrote on social media.


“This is someone’s dad,” they added.