Kailyn Lowry Changes Name After DNA Test


Kailyn’s name change


The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star recently changed her name after getting her DNA results back. Apparently, Kailyn had sent her father a DNA test kit and revealed a ‘bombshell’ was dropped on her.

Fans then noticed that Kailyn changed her name to Kailyn Irwin Lowry.

“Her thirst for attention is unquenchable,” one fan commented.


“Is she trying to make us all believe that he isn’t her father? I mean it’s kind of obvious considering they’re basically identical twins,” another fan wrote.

“She really is just like Jenelle with her constant need for attention. She looks exactly like that man even down to the itty bitty beady eyes and jowls,” someone chimed in.

For reference, this is what Kailyn’s dad looks like.