Fans Stunned By Ryan Edwards’ GF Tattoo


Ryan Edwards gained fame for his appearance on the reality show “Teen Mom.” He was known for his turbulent relationship with Maci Bookout and their struggles with co-parenting and relationship issues. Their journey was closely followed by fans who were deeply invested in their story. Over the years, Ryan faced personal challenges, including legal issues and substance abuse problems.


These struggles often played out on the show, leading to widespread concern among viewers. Despite these difficulties, fans remained invested in his story and were often shocked by unexpected developments in his life. Ryan’s journey was complex, and many viewers empathized with his struggles, while others questioned some of his choices.

Throughout the ups and downs, he remained a central figure on “Teen Mom,” and his story continues to resonate with fans of the show.

Ryan’s GF sparks debate


Ryan’s new girlfriend Amanda is being featured on the show, and fans noticed that she has a very specific tattoo on her right arm.


“This was Amanda’s first introduction on TM by the way, she came to Bentley’s baseball game and went hard playing the supportive gf and future stepmom,” one fan said of the tattoo.

“I mean, we all make mistakes but girl – laser tattoo removal has been around for a long time now. Please, for the sake of your future, and that of everyone that ever needs to be around you, get it sorted,” another fan commented.


“Like at least have the courtesy to have such a horrendous tattoo done well,” someone chimed in.