Fans Stunned By Jenelle’s New Video


Jenelle Evans gained fame through her appearance on the reality TV show “Teen Mom 2.”


She was known for her tumultuous relationships and personal struggles, which were often documented on the show.

Evans has faced various challenges in her personal life, including legal issues and custody battles. While she has experienced both praise and criticism from the public, she remains a notable figure in the realm of reality television.

Furthemore, Jenelle made her long awaited return to the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise thanks to no longer being with her husband.

Jenelle’s new video


Jenelle recently made a new video and it reached a ton of people through social media.

“I saw this video, on the one hand I felt tremendous embarrassment for her. At the same time, I wanted to 👏👏👏 her for her courage (or lack of awareness),” one fan said of the video.

“The no smooth rhythm realllyyyyy gets to me sometime it’s like slow motion dance lessons. throwing it ina circle? that was a box😂” another fan commented.


“She’s having fun so who cares if yall like it or not !! If the kids are at camp let them be . People have too much time on their hands !!!! Worry about your own kids,” someone chimed in.