Fans Notice Something Off In Mackenzie McKee’s Ex-Husband’s Photo


Mackenzie McKee, who is known for her appearance in the reality TV show “Teen Mom,” has been in the spotlight due to her relationship with her ex-husband, Josh McKee.


The couple has faced various ups and downs which have been documented on the show. Their relationship has been under scrutiny from the media and fans have closely followed their journey.

Despite the challenges they have faced, Mackenzie and Josh have been open about their experiences and have strived to work through their differences.

Their journey has resonated with many fans who appreciate their honesty even though they are no longer together.

Josh’s new photo


Mackenzie’s ex-husband Josh recently posted a new photo to his Instagram page and fans quickly noticed that something is ‘off’ with the photo.

“Mack got custody of the kids. He got custody of her shorts,” one fan said of Josh’s post.


“This guy has the personality of a wet rag. No amount of muscle can fix that,” another fan commented.

“He totally abandoned his 3 kids after living with them for like 10 years. He can join Rhine in the “forever irredeemable dads” bin over there,” someone chimed in.

As a reminder, Mackenzie & Josh split back in 2022 and Mackenzie noted that Josh only talks to one of his kids.


“He talks to Gannon, he doesn’t talk to the other two,” she revealed.