David Eason Has A New GF According To Fans


David Eason is known for his appearance on the reality TV show “Teen Mom 2” as the former husband of Jenelle Evans.

Eason’s involvement in the show was often marked by controversy, and he has garnered significant media attention. His relationship with Evans, their marriage, and subsequent divorce have been widely covered by the media.


Eason’s actions and statements have sparked numerous debates and discussions among fans of the show.

David’s new GF


Jenelle’s ex-husband reportedly has a new girlfriend, and she’s very active on social media, TikTok.

“She better watch her prescription meds. We all know how he likes to use Aderall recreationally. Also, her speech pattern is eerily similar to his,” one fan said of the new relationship.


Another fan commented, “She has an Adderall script, income, and a home with land. David’s in hog heaven.”

“She looks exactly like someone David Eason would be with. Exactly. Match made,” someone chimed in.


David & Jenelle are currently separated but not yet legally divorced, as the couple shares custody of their daughter Ensley, whom they welcomed back in 2017-