Cole DeBoer Apparently Didn’t Even Date Before Meeting His Wife Chelsea Houska


Chelsea and Cole met in 2014 and while there wasn’t anything that implied Cole had previous girlfriends, he never confirmed otherwise either.

Presumably, Chelsea was Cole’s first ‘real’ girlfriend and there’s something very enticing about the fact.

Cole’s first girlfriend… was Chelsea!


Surprisingly enough, Cole’s first ‘real’ girlfriend was no one other than his now-wife, Chelsea DeBoer. Cole was 25 at the time she met Chelsea and she was 22.

Cole wasn’t really actively engaged in the dating scene as he grew up in a small town himself.


Cole and Chelsea’s marital obligation

The fans have speculated that Cole was still ‘innocent’ before meeting and marrying Chelsea Houska.

If you think about it, he’s probably just been saving himself for the ‘right one’, growing up in a closed community.

Looking in retrospect, Cole probably thinks he made the right decision.