Chelsea Houska’s Secretive Dating History Revealed


Chelsea was one of the most prominent ‘Teen Mom’ cast members and she still is today even though she quit the show. Her dating history hasn’t quite been on display as it’s been mostly kept a secret by Chelsea and her former boyfriends.

Publicly, Chelsea has only dated Adam Lind and Cole but what about the other guys she’s been with?

Chelsea’s dating history


Her first publicly documented relationship was with Adam Lind, with whom she shares a daughter.

Chelsea’s relationship with Adam dates back to 2009 and into 2010, but things have turned the other way quickly enough.

Their relationship didn’t last long and ended up in flames.


A relationship with Andrew Craft?


After Adam, Chelsea moved on and tried to find other guys suitable for herself.

One of those guys was Andrew Craft that she had met online.

They apparently started talking through social media and even exchanged numbers.

The relationship was never publicly confirmed although they might have dated in private.