Briana DeJesus Slams Baby Daddy


Briana DeJesus is a well-known reality TV personality who has gained widespread recognition for her candid portrayal of the trials and triumphs of young motherhood on popular shows like ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Her unapologetic nature and willingness to share her personal experiences have made her a recognizable and influential figure in the realm of reality television.

DeJesus is noted for her outspokenness, relatability, and willingness to openly discuss the challenges and joys of being a young mother in the public eye.

Briana slams Devoin

Briana DeJesus recently commented about her baby daddy, Devoin Austin, who recently moved out of state.

Reportedly, Briana is not pleased that she will have to travel with her daughter Novalee to see her father, marking him as ‘inconsistent.’


Fans were mostly supportive of Devoin, commenting things like: “She’ll travel the world for a booty call or to party with her friends, but God forbid she take her child to see her father.. her father who only moved so he could have a better job & be a provider for his daughter. But yes Brianna, complain about it & fill your daughter’s head with even more BS about her dad. I can’t stand this girl. She needs to grow up & reevaluate her choices. I wish MTV would stop paying her bills. Same with her mouthy sister & mother.”

“Devoin is a Awesome Dad to both her girls..He needs more respect to be honest,” another fan commented.


“This woman will never be satisfied. Probably why her relationships don’t work. If he left to better himself and provide because he was not able to do so there – what is the damn problem. He is not Louis,” someone chimed in.