‘1000 Lbs’ Star Passes Away


TLC’s ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ show has been a success in terms of viewers and that’s why it seemingly got renewed for multiple seasons.


“The Slaton sisters, tipping the scales at over 1,000 pounds combined, have always depended on each other for support. Now in their 30s, Amy wants to have children, but cannot due to her weight, while her elder sister Tammy is nearly bedridden,” TLC’s show description reads.

In the most recent season, Tammy was shown to get better and even found herself a new man.

Tragedy ensues


Tammy found love in the latest season of ‘1000-lb Sisters’ but unfortunately their relationship didn’t last long as it was recently revealed that Tammy’s husband Caleb has passed away.


“I am devastated to share the news of my husband’s passing. He was my best friend and I loved him dearly,” she revealed.

“When I met Caleb he became my guardian angel and now he really is watching over me. Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you respect our privacy at this time,” Tammy added.

TLC also issued a statement to the devastating news, “We are deeply saddened to learn of Caleb Willingham’s passing. Our condolences go out to Tammy, his family and friends at this difficult time.”